My Dr. Appointment

One thought on “My Dr. Appointment”

  1. Hi, Andrea. I’m glad your appointment went so well, and I related to your description of the waiting room in an MS clinic—it is sobering, isn’t it? Ocrevus was my first DMT because I didn’t want to do escalation therapy after seeing my aunt decline so quickly with her MS, so my doctor helped me get around my insurance’s requirement to fail on two lesser meds first by getting the drug free from the company. I’m so glad she did because I have been symptom and relapse-free for six months since starting Ocrevus. The six months before that brought two major debilitating relapses. Besides a little aching for a day or two in my legs and back after, I had no reactions to the infusion, and most days I don’t have to think about MS. I feel much like I did before diagnosis. It sounds like a good option for you to keep feeling your best, and the PML risk is so incredibly small compared to other treatments like Tysabri. Best of luck with your decision!


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