It was an Alexander (not the great) kind of day

2 thoughts on “It was an Alexander (not the great) kind of day”

  1. Girl I feel you. I HATE planning dinner. Who made us in charge of that? BYE. Also, you are human. Give yourself some grace. If you need a break give yourself that break. No we are not going to church today mommy doesn’t feel good. See if grandparents can take the kids without you, if not reschedule. The pumpkin patch will still be there next weekend. Yes it’s disappointing but if we’re always pouring from an empty cup we aren’t going to have a lot to give. Sending you some virtual hugs. Hoping your headache is better

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    1. Thank you for these kind words. I usually am more able to assess my ability to make it through the day, I just kept thinking it had to get better lol. I’ve refilled and am mentally doing a lot better. But for real. Dinner 🙄🙄🙄

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