She Prevails

I was recently asked to share my story about how I have prevailed in some aspect of my life. This was shared on social media and I am so excited about the feedback I have received. I have made new friends in women that have reached out to talk, and connected with old friends who … Continue reading She Prevails

The big stink

Tonight something really hilarious happened that I still can’t think about without laughing. My sons school had ‘Get the Scoop’ night. I walk in and head straight to his class. I was a little early, which is out of character for me, but I am working on it. They had dream jars posted in the … Continue reading The big stink

Single Moms

Photo: outtakes from my favorite photo sesh with my boys. Chaos that is my beautiful life ๐Ÿ’™ I would say nobody grows up and imagines their life and thinks โ€œI want to have kids, but I want to do it alone!โ€ We donโ€™t set out to be single moms, but so many woman end up … Continue reading Single Moms